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Stigsborg Harbourfront



Stigsborg Harbourfront is a new attractive and dense development area on the south facing side of the fjord in central Aalborg. A unique district, where the fjord and city merge and create a great settings for the everyday life of both residents and visitors, for Nørresundby and Aalborg.

A new fjord promenade restores the city's relationship with the water, and draws the fjord landscape into the city. Green corridors creates a coherent and sustainable infrastructure that establishes local and recreational flows and urban spaces for the district's residents. A central street, the High Street, serves as the infrastructural link that runs parallel to the fjord, binds the district together and provides an urban backbone for commercial urban life. Stigsborg consists of four unique neighborhoods whose identity varies according to their location and contact with the fjord and the landscape.

The large contaminated areas, leftovers from former industries, is a challenge that is turned around to the district's biggest potential. The contaminated land of the large park is kept free from buildings, enclosed and covered with clean soil. This is the "gift" from the old industries to Aalborg, a good 15 hectares of new fjord park for the whole city - Stigsborg Fjordpark. 

Stigsborg binds the city and fjord landscape together. Not just for the new development area, but for the entire Aalborg. Stigsborg offers new ways to use and experience the fjord in the city, creates new opportunities for maritime life and activities and forms the transition from industrial harbor to the landscape. This highlights the fjord as the entire city's blue center, where the development of Stigsborg a story of the reunion between city and fjord, where urban life and development go hand in hand with nature and landscape.

Along the coast are various types of coastal type profiles to provide varying experiences and serve recreational purposes. At the bottom of the park, where the large green space meets the water, an elongated transition where the fjord and the fjord landscape literally are drawn into urban areas is established. This permits the fjord landscape, ecosystems, flora and fauna to be integrated into the urban realm, creating a new type of urban space in direct contact with water with new opportunities to explore and use the fjord. Towards the fjord the stepped landscape open ground floors for public and maritime programs that create the opportunity to use the fjord for the district's residents, visitors and institutions.



Project name

Stigsborg Harbourfront




Nørresundby, Aalborg, DK




Competition entry, On-going


53 Ha


Municipality of Aalborg



Design team

Sinus Lynge, Tue Hesselberg Foged, Toni Rubio Soler, Oscar Elfving, Virginie Le Goffic, Yulia Kozlova, Evgeny Markachev, Christoffer Gotfredsen, Kasper Reimer, Søren Skovgaard Laursen, Carlos Suriñach, Nicolai Duedahl Hende


The site is located in central Aalborg, on the south facing bank of the fjord


                     Post glacial landscape:                       the hills and the river plain

        Post industrial landscape and         contaminated areas

         Reestablishment of fjord landscape in       the heart of the city



Green Structure

The Fjord Connection

Four Neighborhoods

High Street




Preconditions and Contamination

Built Structure and Fjord Park

Landscape Transition from Urban to Green

Public Spaces along High Street



Landscape Types


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Landscape Section through the Fjord Park

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The Fjord Park



Stigsborg Harborfront is subdivided into four neighborhoods each with their own distinct identities and qualities, giving a sense of place and belonging to the residents.

   1. Hedegaard                             2. Stigsborg Brygge                  3. The Fjordpark Neighborhood                4. Strandparken




019_2_EFFEKT_Project_1614_Stigsborg Havnefront_©EFFEKT.jpg

Section through Hedegaard


Hedegaard Waterfront


Stigsborg Brygge

021_2_EFFEKT_Project_1614_Stigsborg Havnefront_©EFFEKT.jpg

Section through Stigsborg Brygge


Stigsborg Brygge


The Fjordpark Neighborhood

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The Fjordpark Neighborhood




Strandparken Waterfront