TEDxLinz video
TEDxLinz video

How do we satisfy the growing demands for food, water, energy and housing without depleting the Earth’s finite resources, while adapting to a rapidly changing climate and a growing world population?

According to the UN we only have 11 years to curb climate change, in order to steer clear of a global environmental catastrophe.

With their high concentration of resources, as well as human and economic capital, cities will play a pivotal role in the way our imminent environmental crisis plays out. Design has a unique power to shape new aspirations and change the way we design, build and live.

At the TEDxLinz event in February Partner Sinus Lynge elaborated on these pressing topics and presented EFFEKT design perspectives during the popular 18-minutes-long TED conference, named “The Greatest Design Challenge of Our Age”.

The video of the TEDx Talk is now accessible through the link below.

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Image credits: Manfred Koppensteiner