Lecture at KADK
Lecture at KADK

We live in cities. Food is produced in the countryside. Or so we are used to think. But what is the future relation of cities and food production? Can architecture invent new ways of integrating farming and city life? What is the importance of food production for the livability and sustainability of cities? 
This is the theme for the lecture 'Food and the city' taking place at KADK - The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Thursday November 23rd 3-5 PM. EFFEKT's partner Sinus Lynge will conduct the lecture with Jeff Risom, partner and managing director at Gehl, and Nee Rentz-Petersen from KADK. In the lecture they will provide danish and global perspectives on the interactions of urban living and food production. The lecture is arranged in cooperation with Rasmus Rune from Andel, in connection with the recent release of his book 'Good Buildings on a Small Planet' (Et godt hus på en lille planet) on sustainability in Denmark.
The lecture is open to the public and entrance is free.


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