Mols Bjerge Visitor Centre


Mols Bjerge Visitor Centre is located in the preserved Mols Bjerg National Park – a 180km2 large natural landscape, including a royal castle from the Middle Ages, Kalø Castle Ruin.

The visitor centre is discreetly set into the sensitive nature, oriented towards the Castle Ruin. The building is inspired by the area's inherent materials, colours and landscape and becomes a subtle yet distinctive structure that respects its surroundings. At the same time the visitor centre stands proud and visibly in the landscape with a unique architectural identity, creating a new iconic land mark.

The building tectonics follow the rugged landscape, creating two floor plans, with a double high room facing the Castle Ruin. The orientation of the building also frames a stunning view towards the Castle Ruin. Inside, an exhibition area tells the story of Kalø Castle Ruin and provides attractive spaces for recreation, as well as functional program including a café, restaurant and boutique. A south facing covered terrace mediates the indoor and the outdoor areas of the café. Terraced landscaping between the new addition and the existing building offers informal recreational space in the landscape, as well as intuitive wayfinding on the outside of the building towards the main entry or the café.




Project name

Mols Bjerge Visitor Centre


Cultural, Landscape


National Park Mols Bjerge, DK




2nd prize 2016


900 m2


National Park Mols Bjerge


GHB Landskaber, COWI

Design team

Tue Hesselberg Foged, Sinus Lynge, Tina Lund Højgaard, Evgeny Markachev, Yulia Kozlova, Nicolai Duedahl Hende

002_EFFEKT_Project_1617_Mols Visitor Center_©EFFEKT.jpg

The visitor centre is located in Mols Bjerge National Park, a 180 km2 large preserved nature area in Kalø Vig, close to Aarhus, Denmark

003_EFFEKT_Project_1617_Mols Visitor Center_©EFFEKT.jpg
004_EFFEKT_Project_1617_Mols Visitor Center_©EFFEKT.jpg

The building is inspired by the area's inherent materials, colours and landscape

005_EFFEKT_Project_1617_Mols Visitor Center_©EFFEKT.jpg

The visitor centre is placed orthogonal to the existing house, Hack Kampmans Hus, spanning the full length of the competition site

The southern end is bent in the direction of Kalø Castle Ruin, framing the view and respecting the undisturbed views of the existing house

007_EFFEKT_Project_1617_Mols Visitor Center_©EFFEKT.jpg

The café with a view towards Kalø Castle Ruin


The building structure follows the rugged landscape, creating two floor plans, with a double high room towards Kalø Castle Ruin, and an experience of arriving at one level and ending at another, before entering the national park

The building materials are chosen with inspiration from the surroundings and consists of wood, brick and natural stone

010_EFFEKT_Project_1617_Mols Visitor Center_©EFFEKT.jpg

The visitor centre seen from east with Kalø Castle Ruin in the background

011_EFFEKT_Project_1617_Mols Visitor Center_©EFFEKT.jpg
012_EFFEKT_Project_1617_Mols Visitor Center_©EFFEKT.jpg
014_EFFEKT_Project_1617_Mols Visitor Center_©EFFEKT.jpg

The entrance from the parking area

015_EFFEKT_Project_1617_Mols Visitor Center_©EFFEKT.jpg

The foyer

016_EFFEKT_Project_1617_Mols Visitor Center_©EFFEKT.jpg

The exhibition area


The stairs leading to the café from the south