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Juzna Dolina



Južna Dolina (West Valley) is a 120.000 m2 residential development in west Južné Mesto in Bratislava, Slovakia. It is located at the southern edge of Petržalka next to open farmland and the beautiful Donau river.

The scheme propose a new type of architecture based on landscape qualities and a unique spatial setting resembling highland valleys and local forests vegetation. The project blends courtyard buildings, high-rise structures, row houses and apartment blocks into one new and unique development. The built profile oscillates to create the contour of a mountain ridge with six peaks offering spectacular views. A stepped roofscape offers generous private terraces and slopes down to meet the central park that resembles the natural setting of an alpine valley.

The central valley offers a shared park and garden with recreational landscape features such as a lake, trees, grasslands with integrated sports facilities and play areas. Essentially a large courtyard park surrounded by a variety of housing typologies with a clear identity and living environment based on life quality and everyday experiences and encounters with fellow neighbors in the central shared parkscape that support and enhance the qualities of the new district. 



Project name

Juzna Dolina


Urbanism, Residential


Juzna Mesto, Bratislava, SK




Competition entry, on-going


120.000 m2


Cresco Group

Design team

Sinus Lynge, Tue Hesselberg Foged, Toni Rubio Soler, Oscar Elfving, Marte Lyngaas, Yulia Kozlova, Evgeny Markachev, Andrew Gustin, Marco Buonocore, Paula Madrid Bergillos


The site is located in the Južné Mesto area in southern Bratislava, at the end of a new tram line.



How to build 120.000 m2 with almost the same parameters as the existing modernistic development?



Design of the landscape and public spaces


Design of the buildings

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Relocation of soil on site from the excavation for underground parking, using it to create new topography

The landscape design creates level access in a private zone along the buildings and a contoured public space in the central valley

Site plan


The sloping terrain steps down gradually towards the middle and creates a valley along the full length of the courtyard, separating private and public spaces.

In creating the topography, water flows are carefully considered. The lake and the lower levels of the valley are designed to manage excess water in the case of extreme weather events.


There is a vast network of paths of varying widths and character in the park. The entire area is connected by a loop that branches into smaller paths. A residential path runs along the buildings, connecting the park and the dwellings.

Different spaces and activities are placed throughout the path system like pearls on a string. 
The programming focuses primarily on wild nature experiences and recreation, offering something for users of all ages and creating a vibrant park full of life.


The valley is divided into three main habitats - wetland, meadow and grasslands, according to the topographical levels. 

Nature environment
The combination of urban living and wildlife is a unifying factor for all resident, as well as being a green lung for the entire Južné Mesto.


Floor plans